Inland Marine Insurance

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Inland Marine Insurance

Unlike commercial property insurance which covers assets stored at a stationary business location, Inland Marine can cover property in transit, property stored off-site, property on movable vehicles and property that provides transportation.

Here are some examples of what Inland Marine insurance might cover:

  • Equipment used by the contractor
  • Medical
  • Construction, landscaping, and other mobile tools and equipment
  • Construction equipment and supplies are examples of property in transit.
  • Servers and laptops are examples of computer equipment.
  • Tools for communication and networking

You can choose between an "all-risk policy" and a "named-peril policy" for your inland marine insurance. Unless specifically excluded, all forms of losses are covered under an all-risk insurance. A named-peril policy offers narrower coverage because only the specific types of losses listed are covered.

We can assist you in determining whether Inland Marine coverage is appropriate for your company. Inland Marine is frequently coupled with other coverages such as general liability and property in a BOP or package.