Pollution Liability Insurance

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Pollution Liability Insurance

Potential liability for damage caused by hazardous waste materials is covered by pollution liability insurance. It is designed to protect independent contractors against claims of property damage incurred on the job. Examples of businesses needing this type of insurance can include:

  • construction
  • agribusiness / cannabis
  • asbestos abatement contractors
  • oil and gas production and distribution
  • waste depositories

Pollution liability coverage extends to businesses that produce hazardous waste emissions during manufacturing, such as oil, agribusiness, construction, excavation, waste depositories, and asbestos abatement firms. Policies can cover personal injury claims, property damage, and clean-up costs resulting from toxic waste pollution.

It can also protect against third-party claims for bodily harm and property damage caused by hazardous waste materials emitted during a company's commercial operations. This insurance can protect you while you're working on a project and after you've finished it.

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Independent contractors and business owners must ensure that their financial interests are sufficiently protected by a Pollution Liability Policy. If you believe your business operations may expose you to hazardous waste, talk to us about whether you need pollution liability insurance. It is too late to purchase coverage to protect your liability risk if an event occurs on the job site or during one of your completed activities.